In order to perform a query, users must:

1) select the query mode (bilingual vs. monolingual);
2) select the query language(s);
3) select the subcorpus or subcorpora to be queried;
4) enter the query term;
5) click 'search'.

Other features:
  • In bilingual mode, it is possible to enter a term in a source language and its equivalent in the target language, which will show the contexts where the source term is translated by the target term.
  • By clicking ‘search' users will obtain a list of occurrences of the query term. Alternatively users can click 'ptd', which will provide a list of equivalents for the query term, based on a statistical measure of confidence.
  • The visualization of query results is horizontal by default but users may choose vertical alignment by clicking on the symbol located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • The query can be performed on one or more subcorpora. Given their varying level of technicity, it is worth mentioning that the query results may be biased by the typology of the subcopus selected (e.g. in a generic subcorpus the French word 'chat' appears translated by 'cat', but in a technical subcorpus the same word is translated by 'conversation').